Payment. How do i pay?


Payment Chart

Billing for

Cash on Delivery


Western Union

Bank Transffer

Cyprus          YES   YES            NO         NO
Greece           NO YES            YES         YES

All European Union

           NO YES          YES         NO

Rest of the world

            NO YES           YES         NO


Payment transactions for international orders are completed through:

Payment for orders made in


For our local customers we offer 2 payment options


Greek customers who do not wish to pay via PayPal by using the credit card. Our company owns an account at  Piraeus Bank in Greece therefore customers can deposit money at any  Branch of Piraeus Bank. The bank will notify us for the deposit straight away and immideatly we will proceed to ship the order to Greece. Greek customers have also the following payment options to choose.

European countries

Rest of the World


* Our company has chosen to use PayPal Secure payment method since it is consider to be the most fair, reliable and quick web money transfer.  If for any reason you wish to pay in a different way, then please contact us on