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Sexual Aids

We provide only herbal products. CyprusSexShop offers the biggest selection of& Herbal Aphrodisiac Sex Enhancers that can aid everyone’s sexual life. Sex boosters& like aphrodisiac Spanish fly, Pheremones that can drive any man and woman sexually crazy. Penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams, penis growth enlargement pumps, premature Ejaculation delay spray, premature ejaculation delay gel, Condoms, erotic massage lubricant, anal lubricant. Please, note that we do not sell any chemical pharamceutical medicine since this act is against the law in Cyprus and in EEU countries.

Cobeco Water Based Natural Lubricant 125 Ml - It cant get more natural than this! The most natural intimate vagina and anus lubricant in the world fortified with VEGAN ingredients. Fully certified.What makes this sex lubricant so special?Suffering from skin allergies? Sensitive skin? This 100% Natur..
Clear Looking, Great Smelling, Natural Feeling! Nominated as, "The Best Natural Condom you can Buy". Skins revolutionary patented condom that feels just like the real thing. That is why it is called SKINS. Dimensions Length : 19 cm Width : ..
Skins condoms - Dots Ribs for extra sensation and feeling. You would like to use a condom that can drive you and your partner crazy from joy and pleasure? Skins condoms have combined raised ribs strategically placed for extra pleasure for him together with deliciously dainty dots all over giving ..
Skins Extra Large Condoms are now available in Cyprus and Greece by Super large Odorless, fully lubrigated condoms by Skins U.K. Are you big? Will 20 cm of high quality lubricated condom fit and make your life easy and safer? If yes, then dont look any further. Skins Extra Large ..
Ultra Thin - Extra Thin Skins condoms now available in Cyprus and Greece by So thin, they feel like a second skin, Skins Ultra Thin Condoms are also odourless and clear for a completely au naturel intimate experience. Made from premium quality latex for strength, with extra lubric..
Agape Personal LubricantFormulated specially for women who desire the silky smooth feel of JO without any glycerine, silicone or oil. Jo is designed for multiple uses and to enhance your sense of pleasure. JO is 100% latex safe and manufactures under strict US FDA guidelines. JO is uniquely for..
ALfa Man increasing sexual desire and a long-lasting erection. It won�t let you down in the most crucial moment! Alfa Man is a real "cocktail" of the most useful substances for man s strength, endurance and full sex life. Unforgettable sensations are guaranteed. Contains the extract of Eurycoma long..
Cheapest online popper market in Cyprus. Value for money sex party poppers. Amsterdam Gold Original Poppers 25ml Contents: Isopropyl nitrate...
Funline Amsterdam Poppers Pink 13ml. This is one powerful pentyl popper that will rock you!..
Large size U.S made, Lockerroom Red Amsterdam Special 30ml..
This is the cheapest sex party popper you can buy in Cyprus. Value for money popper. Amsterdam XXX Aroma 10ml ideal for sex weekend away-from-home. Easy to curry around.Punch it to the mundane, and prepare for the time of your life with these Aroma, sure to r..
Amyl 25ml is a super strong, super powerful Amyl Nitrite popper. Some classify this popper as the strongest popper in the world. This aphrodisiac awakens the most hidden senses, frees the sexual impulses, and stimulates the desire, while allowing to get rid of its inhibitions. AMYL POPPER is a big f..
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