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Douches and Enemas

To enjoy anal sex, washing internaly the anus area is a must priority. Douches and enymas are a must to use sex tools. Use them and enjoy freely, healthily and clean. Find in our sex shop, the most well known Douches and Enymas ever designed.

Universal butt plug anal cleaning douche, a back passage that s spick and span! A must-to-have piece of mind Anal sex accessory. People want a clean back passage, especial before anal sex with a partner. That s where this anal douche comes in and can be integrated into foreplay?Just screw on the int..
Anal Fantasy EZ-Lube Shooter Anal Fantasy EZ-Lube Shooter
Apply lubricants to where you need them more easily and without a mess. Make anal sex more comfortable. The Anal Fantasy Collection EZ-Lube Shooter is a phallic-shaped syringe made from ABS Plastic that holds up to 30 ml of liquid. The EZ-Lube Shooter is designed to apply lubricant in such a way tha..
Limassol and Nicosia Anal Lovers Unisex Anal sex toy kit, packed to fulfill any anal mission during this weekend. Why and How? Becauae there is something for everybody in this set! Ideal for begginers and intemmediate anal lovers. Made out of 100% Medical grade silicone. Odourless, antibacterial, hy..
Big Glow Clean Douche Red 225 ml by Kinx U.K The Big Glow Clean Douche has a glow in the dark nozzle that helps you to navigate your hygiene easily and conveniently. This douche has a slim nozzle that’s easy to insert and the nozzle can be unscrewed for thorough cleaning and easy filling. The soft..
Colt Advanced Shower Shot Kit Specifically created to make backdoor cleansing quick, easy and extra versatile in terms of location, the Colt Advanced Shower Shot system easily attaches to just about any tap, shower or tub based water source. Advanced hygienically superior cleaning system. Universal ..
Most complete portable anal cleansing douche in the world today! Providing extra portable (and extra enjoyable!) prep before or after anal play, Colt s Pro Shower Shot delivers quick, easy clean up plus deep stimulation. Installing in literal seconds, the Shower Shot includes a nice long (approximat..
Deluxe Douche and Enema System Complete deluxe Douche and Enema set for him and for her. The ultimate anal and vagina cleaning system for serious anal players. This Unisex Douche and Enema System Set really provides everything you will need for a thoroughly hygienic internal clean..
Prepare the Anus before each sexual intercourse and enjoy mind-free anal sex. Anal sex with extra confidence with Perfect Fit Ergoflo Colon Cleanser 51cm Rubber Deep Clean Flex Nozzle.  Ergoflo is flexible and bendable , made of 100% safe medical India Rubber. Enjoy deep anal fisting penetratio..
Experiment with slippery ass-filling fun with the Flow Full Flush deluxe anal douche kit, only available in the Kink by Doc Johnson collection. A generous 280ml bulb connects to any of the four included attachments to completely fill that hole with lube, water, or other liquids of your choosing. Eac..
Make anal sex confortably clean and easy. Prepare your anus for mind-care-free anal sex. Wavy black butt plug attachment for the shower hose. Screw the wavy butt plug attachment onto your shower hose and pamper yourself with water, soap and this solid black lint pleasure-giver ... When you?re penetr..
Doc Johnson Kink Flow Full Flush Silicone Anal Douche And Accessories Enema Douche Unisex with four (4) different attachments. Experiment with slippery, messy, ass-filling fun with the Flow Full Flush deluxe anal douche kit, only available in the Kink by Doc Johnson collection. A generous 9.5 fl.oz...
Anal and Pussy cleansing Douche and Enema Douchebag for him and for her to confort the intimate area easy and instantly during shower times. Simply fill the squeeze bulb (10.5 cm, ? 5 cm) with any liquid and enjoy tingling sensations at your whim either with the shower attachment (4 cm) or the squir..
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