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Penis delay creams gels sprays oils lubricants and condoms

Complete line of medical grade solutions for men who suffer with premature ejaculation such as delay Sprays, delay Creams, delay Gels, delay oil and lubricants and condoms from well known brands. We help men to prolong time in bed and wish to please their partners before they get pleased. We offer four different solutions that can prolong mens sexual activity to the maximum.

Penis delay Cream BeEnduring 45ml by Cobeco Pharma Holland Velv’Or AID BeEnduring Penis Delay Cream is a refreshing cream based on a unique formula, which delays the ejaculation. For long lasting sexual pleasure and enjoyment. Velv’Or AID BeEnduring has a light numbing effect on the male’s int..
DELAY OIL BRUSH. CHINA BRUSH OIL. Strong version delay brush oil. Rui Shen Oil You Herbal Lotion Male Long Lasting Erection fights premature ejaculation. China Brush Rui Shen Oil - STRONG VERSION- was developed to help men improve their sexual life. This product is specifically designed to aid men t..
Do-it-all condom with grooves and dots fortified with delay lubricant! Safer and longer sex for more pleasurable intimate moments condom by Durex EUROPE. A delay condom. Condom with grooves and dots to speed her up and make her come fast and easy, while it containes delay particals to delay him. Wit..
EGZO water based lubricant for prolong sexual intercourse. Delay Gel water based formula for real men. Increase your pleasure with this high quality lubricant and prolong the state of erection in men and the duration of sexual intercourse. Key Features: Help partners reach orgasm simultaneously Moi..
Do you desire prolonged enjoyment during love play? EROS Prolong 101 Care Spray was specially developed for this need. At the same time, it enhances suppleness without loss of sensation! This refreshing spray has been dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility. Look forward t..
Powerful Male Sex Delay Spray for Longer prolong Time Sex. Delay Timing Penis Spray fortified with jojoba and CBDA treat for his member! Skin-friendly penis care spray for long and steamy nights that contains nourishing jojoba and CBD.- Desensitizing penis spray- With nourishing jojoba and relaxing ..
Delay ejaculation with this magnificent Chinese dealy Balm. Information and tips in regards to Pau Yuen Tong Delay Balm This is an Ancient Chinese balm to prolong sexual activity Highly recommended to men facing premature ejaculation Natural herbal formula- Yes, all-natural herbal formula doesn't d..
Special offer - Limited offer of Stud 100 in Cyprus, Buy Two and get the Third one for FREE. Buy online in Cyprus and Greece the authentic delay spray Stud 100. Stud 100 is probably the fastest acting desensitizing spray in the world to help men extent and prolong ejaculation. Stud 100? Delay Spray ..
Stag 9000 is a 100% safe, made from natural herb extracts delay ejaculation spray. Special delay spray formula to prolonged sexual intercourse and gives the possibility to control ejaculation resolding sexual pleasure with many orgasms and a happier sex partner. This is a powerful, fast acting delay..
Authentic Stud 100 Penis delay spray for men who wish to Prolong sex and keep the partner happily graving for more sex with you. Stud 100 Delay Spray like never before. Now, you can please to get pleased. 100% authentic version is now avalaible in Cyprus and Greece by CyprusSexShop. The authent..
Viga 50000 Extra Strong Long Time Desensitising Spray 45 ml for men. Viga 50000 is classified as one of the strongest delay spray in the world, therefore it addresses only to men who suffer for many years from seviour premature ejaculation.Specifications Product Features Super viga 50000 (Delay Spra..
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