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Douches and Enemas

To enjoy anal sex, washing internaly the anus area is a must priority. Douches and enymas are a must to use sex tools. Use them and enjoy freely, healthily and clean. Find in our sex shop, the most well known Douches and Enymas ever designed.

Anal Douche Kit with three interchangeable nossle options. Anal Sex is a clean and enjoyable affair with Anal Douche kit. A properly prepared anal sex session starts with a good douche so that your anal hygiene is tip top. And feels good too! The extras in these products make sure that the fun doesn..
Plastic Anal Shower head by ErgoFlo PerfectFit U.S.A One anal shower head which can be attached onto a standard 1/2 inch shower hose. The shower head is designed so that there is no danger that water pressure gets too high. Please ensure that the water temperature does not excide 40 degrees centigra..
Big Glow Clean Douche Red 225 ml by Kinx U.K The Big Glow Clean Douche has a glow in the dark nozzle that helps you to navigate your hygiene easily and conveniently. This douche has a slim nozzle that’s easy to insert and the nozzle can be unscrewed for thorough cleaning and easy filling. The soft..
Colt Advanced Shower Shot Kit Specifically created to make backdoor cleansing quick, easy and extra versatile in terms of location, the Colt Advanced Shower Shot system easily attaches to just about any tap, shower or tub based water source. Advanced hygienically superior cleaning system. Universal ..
Colt Shower Shot anal douche cleaning system by California exotic Novelties U.S.A Wash up with the Colt Shower Shot spraying water dong. This 16 cm Jelly dong easily installs onto any standard shower, in few seconds time, for an incredible burst of water pleasure and cleansing sensation. Easy to ins..
Deluxe Douche and Enema System Complete deluxe Douche and Enema set for him and for her. The ultimate anal and vagina cleaning system for serious anal players. This Unisex Douche and Enema System Set really provides everything you will need for a thoroughly hygienic internal clean..
Ergoflo Colon Cleanser 51cm Rubber Deep Clean Flex NozzleProduct descriptionAnal douche colon cleansing accessories. Clean Your Colon With this magnificent soft and fully bendable 20 inch (51 cm) ergofló colon cleanser goes even deeper for extra confidence Made of medical grade India rubber..
Getting cleaned has never been such dirty fun with the EZ-Clean Douche/Enema system! Designed to be pleasurable and practical, this PVC-based water bulb and attachment system is comfortable and easy to use. The squeeze bulb is soft and pliable, and the applicator easily screws into the top of the bu..
Anal Pussy Lubricant injector. Ideal for Anal and Vagina lubrication. No more fingers. Put with precition, your favorite lubricant, exactly where you want it! Lubricant shooters is a-must-have-accessory for couples. Lubricant Shooter. Lubricant Injector. Inject as much lubricant, easy as ever and..
XL Lubricant launcher - The number one Anal or Vagina Lubricant Injector is a-must-have-accessory for couples. Lubricant Shooter. Lubricant Injector. Inject as much lubricant, easy as ever and fully controlled. No more spilled lubricant. Directly into the hole as much quantity as you and your partne..
Mini Douche Steel anal cleansing tube Clean and get ready and no more worries- Enjoy anal sex as never before! Just unscrew the shower and screw this incredible tool for cleaning the anal perfect and enjoyable as ever. Once inserted gently spray warm water that not only cleans thoroughly, but you w..
Silicone Red Douche Hydro Blast 4 P 2 - The ultimate anal cleansing head with international hose adapter included. | Hydro Blast | Spraying Butt Plug | Douche Nozzle | Silicone | RedWhat is Silicone Douche Hydro Blast and what can do for you?To start with, this is an anus cleanser and a stimulator...
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